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Prayer List

Ladies, Gents & Young Adults - CarterBlood Care will be with us on Wednesday, June 28 from 4:30 pm - 7:45 pm with their mobile unit. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE consider donating blood. Every unit can save up to 3 lives!! Donations are down in the summer & the blood bank supply gets critical! Call the office for scheduling, 903-473-9523 or see the schedule on the foyer table.

Fri. June 23

Lift Jerry Russell in prayer for back pain. He got new meds, praying the will work wonders.

Be in prayer for Ms. Jessie. She went to ER this morning with stomach pain. They released her with meds. Also lift Mary McCoy in prayer. She is still not feeling well after her surgery & is staying with her daughter.

Thur. June 22

God is so Good! Praises for Erroll Ryland. He is sitting up in a chair & talking today after his major surgery yesterday. Long recovery road so please continue in prayer for healing.

Wed. June 21

Prayers for health issues with Debra Pryor's daughter, Shonda & husband, Lee.

Be in prayer for Ruth Stracener & family. Her step-mother passed away last night.

Tue. June 20

Carolyn Ogle fell while visiting family in Arkansas breaking 7 bones in her foot & leg. They did surgery on the major breaks in her leg & she will be in the hospital in Little Rock until at least Sunday or Monday. Doc hope that the bones in her foot will heal on their own without surgery. Lift Carolyn & Bobby in prayer during this time & her recovery time.

from Sonja Rosson: Pray for my cousin's baby - Jameson. He is 2 weeks old and has already had heart surgery. Now he has a blood clot in his heart and one in his leg. Thank you.

Mon. June 19

from Shonda Pryor: Please pray for Miss Alice Ray in Kyleen, Tx it's a friend of my cousin's.

Thu. June 15

Lift up Dorinda Crisp and her family. On Monday her 90 yo uncle J.T fell from his scooter and hit his head. It was a couple of days until anyone found him and he is now unresponsive & in ICU in a hospital in Abilene. Dorinda says it is not looking good.

Sherrie Clark’s grandson, River, who has been battling cancer for a long time is now in heaven. Please pray for River’s family.

Please pray for Amanda McEuen and her family. Amanda’s sister, Lacretia, overdosed and was found dead in her apartment yesterday.

Wed. June 14

Reminder - NO SERVICE TONIGHT to allow our members to attend the Quitman Crusade at Carroll Green Civic Center at 7pm. The Erwins will be singing tonight & Tim Lee will be preaching.

Mon. June 12

Be in prayer for Virginia Howle. She is at ETMC Quitman with pneumonia & a UTI.

Lift Rick Nichols' father in prayer for surgery on Tuesday. He will have his gall bladder removed.

from Sue Hayes: Prayers Jennifer Moore and her children. They live in sulphur springs. They were involved in a serious car accident today. Jennifer is at Parkland in serious condition. Her daughter Jolene is at Children's, but she may get released later today.

Be in prayer for Mark Wood & family. His sister, Diane passed away last night. Graveside service only at 3pm at Yantis Cemetery with visitation before at Tapps Funeral Home in Sulphur Springs 12:30 pm - 2:30 pm.

Fri. June 9

Praises, Bro Bob Stephenson is on his way home from the hospital today. Continue to be in prayer for speedy healing & for Sandy as she cares for him.

Extra prayers needed for Jon Ottens. He had back surgery on Monday & is in severe pain. He is going to rehab for possibly a week. Pray for relief from the pain & for God to strengthen his body so that he can proceed with recovery & rehab. Lift Kathy & Morgan in prayer too.

Thu. June 8

Wednesday night prayer requests: Daniel & Irma Lopez (Ruth Stracener's dad & step-mom) - Irma has cancer, Shane & family, Evett - heart, Linda Leonard's mom, Ima & sister, Beverly - Ima congestive heart failure & Beverly is her caregiver, Vera (Dana's mom) - giving up, Jody Penney - baby due Monday, Charles Patrick's nephew Rodney - colon cancer

Wed. June 7

Bro Bob Stephenson's back surgery is over & it went well. Continue to lift him in prayer for speedy, uncomplicated recovery.

Lift Bro David & Ginger in prayer. Bro David is at Trinity Mother Frances in Tyler. They are running tests.

Be in prayer for Cody Wright & his son, Ryder. They were in an auto accident last night. Ryder is at Children's Hospital & Cody is a Parkland Hospital. Both have broken bones & other undetermined injuries.

Mon. June 5

Lift Wanda Soden in prayer as she recovers from gall bladder surgery.

Lift Joetta Janczak's friend, Kim, in prayer. She had a stroke.

Thur. June 1

Wednesday night prayer list: Shane & his family, Evett- heart, Carolyn Lindsay & mom - health, Sandra Merrell, Joe Grubbs - pancreatic cancer, Anne & Noel Martinez, Lora & Matthew Colegrove - kids to come home, Jones family - 4 yr old run over by a lawnmower and lost his foot, Rhonda Ragsdale - ladies in the new Bible Study class.

Thur. May 25

Wednesday night prayer list: Kerri Hass - health, Irma L - cancer, Daniel L - health, D House - health, Barbara I - health, Alexis E - depression, Julia G (Cleveland's granddaughter) - difficult pregnancy, Jame Richie Anne & Noel M, Sandy P - pancreatic cancer, Diane's marriage

Wed. May 24

Please lift Pastor Al Davis, Grace Fellowship in Sulphur Springs, in prayer. He underwent a heart cath this morning & had so many blockages that they could insert any stents. Doctors are trying to decide what to do. He is almost 80.

Please be in prayer for Ross & Donna Milliken's grandson. God knows the needs.

Mon. May 21

Lift Sandra Merrell in prayer as she recovers from foot surgery with a MRSA infection.

Wed. May 17

Pat Dalton called and is asking for prayers today. Mary McCoy is in Baylor Scott White FW fighting an infection and awaiting surgery on June 7th. Ms. Jessie, is worried and is not feeling well, and Debra is working hard as the caretaker.

Wed. May 17

Ms. Jessie has called and is asking for prayers today. Her sister-in-law Sue McCleery has been moved to Hospice. Also, Ms. Jessie is still not feeling well. Prayers for both these ladies are appreciated.

Tues. May 16

Prayers needed for Sandra Merrell. She was admitted yesterday to TMF in Tyler with an infection in her foot. She will be having surgery today. Time is not known.

Sun. May 14

Lift Linda Leonard's mother is in the hospital with congestive heart failure & Linda is scheduled for knee replacement on Monday at 7am. Be in prayer for Linda & her mother to be touched with God's healing hand.

Thur. May 11

Be in prayer for Kody Erwin. He is in a hospital in Tennesse with viral meningitis. Prayers for all the family that no one else is infected especially Kody & Cayla's baby.

Wednesday night prayer requests: Julie & Jonathan - difficult pregnancy, Linda Jones - surgery May 19, John's brother - stroke, Dana Penney's mom - hip replacement from broken hip, family needs, Sheree's father-in-law - JD, Brad's brother-in-law, Shirley Belcher - heart cath Thursday, Zach G - salvation, Pam Patty - health, Jack B - salvation, Pat Baker - health, Paul & Carole's granddaughter Rachel, Mark Helm - health, Jerry Thompson - health, Carol Drummet - eye surgery.

Wed. May 10

Bobby Stevens needs prayer. He is on heart transplant list and is having complications.

Errol Ryland's surgery has been moved out 6 weeks due to some meds that he is taking.

Tue. May 9

Please lift Ms. Jessie in prayer. She was sick yesterday & she goes back to the doctor Wednesday to see what he says about the stent.

Mon. May 8

Lift Yoko Brown for health issues.

Be in prayer for Cathy Timmons, weekend neighbor of the Edlestons, Crisps. She will undergoing biopsy on Thursday.

Ann Pence asks for prayers for her daughter, DeeAnn Rainwater. She will be having a surgery today.

Prayer requests: Please lift these in prayer for succesful surgeries: Carol Drummet will be having a serious eye surgery on Monday, May 15th. Linda Leonard will be having knee replacement surgery on May 15th. She also needs help in finding someone to repair a leak at her home. Errol Ryland is scheduled to have stomach removal due to Cancer on May 15th. He will be going to Colorado for this surgery. Mary McCoy - surgery in Ft Worth on May 15th.

Linda Jones will be having spine surgery for the removal of a tumor on May 15th.

from Sherry Pace: Please pray for my nephew, Steven Schwed for health and for my sweet niece, Laci Caviness also for health.

from Nelba Armstrong: Keep Sandra Merrill in prayer as she heals from foot surgery! no driving for 6 weeks

Thur. May 4

Services for Don Holt: visitation, tonight 6-8 pm at West Oaks Funeral Home, Sulphur Springs. Funeral service will also be at West Oaks on Friday, May 5 at 11:00 am.

Service for Lou Ann Castleberry will be Saturday, May 6 at 10:00 am at LFBC.

Wed. May 3

Lift the Don Holt family in prayer especially his wife, Gloria. Don went home to be with the Lord last night after a long fight with cancer. God won! Arrangements pending.

Pray for the Joel Cameron family. Joel was in a motorcycle wreck in Houston yesterday and died today in the hospital.

from Vicky: I am asking for God's healing for my son who has aortic/heart cancer. It stems from his pancreatic cancer in which God healed. Please ask for healing for my son Collin Peterson. God Bless you

Mon. May 1

Service for Lou Ann Castleberry will be Saturday, May 6 at 10:00 am at LFBC. Not sure about visitation yet.

Be in prayer for safety for the work teams all over the damaged areas.

Please lift the Lou Ann Castleberry family in prayer. Lou Ann passed away last night or early this morning.

Remember to lift all the victims of the tornados this weekend both here locally & outside the state.

Fri. April 28

Lee Pryor, Debra Pryor's husband had surgery this morning & is in recovery.

Updates on people in the hospital: Billie Jeans Sears is at Lake Point Hospital in Rowlett. They are running tests. She said she feels FINE & doesn't need to be in the hospital. No results yet.

Marie Davis' stroke issues were subsiding last night. They held her over night for observation. She may get to go home today. Continued prayers for both.

Carla Nichols' father was taken to ETMC Quitman last night & admitted with dehydration, bladder infection & possible congestive heart failure. Please lift Carla & her father in prayer as well as the doctors treating him.

Also either Charles or Sissie Patrick's brother was in ETMC Quitman ER last night. Just be in prayer. God knows who & their needs.

Thur. April 27

Lift Marie Davis in prayer. She has been taken to ETMC Quitman with a possible mini stroke.

Lift Billie Jean & Billy Ray Sears in prayer. Billie Jean is in the hospital with infection in her colon that seems to be causing bleeding. Will update when we know more.

Please be in prayer for Jack & Judy Anderson's granddaughter, Sydney Wooten & her family. Her legs were burned by hot water & she will undergo lots of treatments for the burns. Jack & Judy have been helping out, so they are tired. Lift Jack & Judy in prayer too.

Wednesday night prayer requests: Jamie P - stage 4 colon cancer, Billie T - surgery went well & is home, Chris S - find victory & break strongholds, Thomas Richardson - dementia & has wandered away from home, McCarmack & Cantrell kids to be able to return home, Nita Proffitt - health, Kenneth Ramsey, Jeanette Wansley - health, Annette Ingram - mom has been placed on hospice & her brother traveling grace & strength, Larry Don - cancer, James & Brenda Cunningham - employment.

Wed. April 26

Lana English Canada - visitation Thursday, April 27 6-8pm at Wilson Bartley Funeral Home in Alba. Service Friday, April 28 3pm at First Baptist Church Alba, TX

Tue. April 25

Please lift Linda Jones in prayer for some health issues.

Be in prayer for Sue McDonald. Her brother passed away.

Praises: Janice Dyess is up & walking with a walker. She is still in the hospital in Longview, so continue to be in prayer for her healing & for Ron.

Mon. April 24

Memorial service: Saturday, April 29 @ 11am here at LFBC. Lift the John Spurlock family in prayer. He passed away last Thursday. Remember Patrick, his son, also. Patrick is still in high school & is devastated. Both John & Patrick are members of LFBC.

from Victoria Moseley: Dorothy House (Courtney's grandmother) is in hospital with pneumonia. Please be in prayer for a safe recovery.

Fri. April 21

Please pray for Harry (Tub) Dollins - Monday he will return to Plano Heart hospital for another heart procedure.

Wednesday night prayer requests: McGee family, Carolyn Ogle - blood clot, Chris, Jackie, Kaitlin, Bro Perry & family, Sharlene, Shirley Belcher, Billy Krenshaw's friend's mother, nation & President, Corey B - lymphoma

Wed. April 19

Please lift Debra Pryor & her husband, Lee in prayer. Lee has been diagnosed with colon cancer. He will have a a liver biopsy Wednesday at Trinity Mother Francis in Sulphur Springs.

Mon. April 17

Services for Bro Perry's sister, Lynn Wilson: Memorial service is planned for Wednesday at 2pm at South Spring BC (formerly FBC South campus) in Tyler. Visitation will be an hour prior.

Please be in prayer for Tim Shirley & family. Tim's father passed away last week. Service will be today.

Lift Tena Smith's husband in prayer for recovery from quad heart bypass surgery.

Wed. April 12

Please pray for Carole Duvall, who is still dealing with unresolved health problems related to her liver. She will have a ST scan on Monday, April 17. Mark Duvall, Paul and Carole's son, will have another surgery on his right index finger that he severely crushed while fabricating metal. Skin grafting will be done. Please pray for restored function of the finger. Unable to work since Feb 6.

Mission team arrived at airport in Florida. They land in Dallas this evening. Praise God.

Rodney Bond, Janis Bond's husband, funeral service will be Saturday, April 15 2:00 pm at Lynch Funeral Home in Greenville. Visitation will the same day, one hour prior to the service.

Please be in prayer for Kim Edleston's daughter, Stephanie & baby, Merida. Stephanie's blood pressure is still very high & the baby is having some tummy issues.

Mon. April 10

From Danny Meek: Praise the Lord- Mark Helm has gotten his report back from the doctors and it was good. He will be able to go ahead now with the stem-cell transplant. Please continue to lift up Mark and Lavonne in prayer as they go through these medical procedures.

Please lift Robert Davis in prayer. He had a mini stroke this weekend. He is home now, but will be having more testing done.

from Sonja Rosson: I had asked for prayer for Joe Mills. He had a heart attack & had been in a coma & on a ventilator. God has answered our prayers. Thursday he came out of his coma & off the vent & is talkng to his family. Praise God!!! Please pray for continued improvement. He also had a stroke while in the coma & has brain damage. Pray for Joann Jones' sister, Linda. She had a sroke a few evenings ago & wouldn't go to the ER until the next a.m. She is now having seizures.

We have lots of prayers needs this week. Please lift the followinging in prayer: Errol Ryland - decisions to made on treatmen of cancer, Bill Kuykendall - Baylor Plano possible stroke, Rodney Bond, Janis Bond's husband - ETMC Tyler possible stroke not doing well, LouAnn Castleberry - still at Trinity Mother Frances Tyler, Janice Dyess - still at Good Shepard Longview.

Mission team is doing well. Continue to lift them & the people around with prayer. They will be returning on Wednesday, so prayers are needed for safe travel.

Fri. April 7

Praises: Neil Martin is out of the coma. Still has a long road of recovery. Please continue to lift Neil & his wife, Melissa in prayer.

Wednesday night prayer requests: Billy Jo Mills - heart attack, Bobby Robinson - brain cancer, Beth Shurtleff - ALS, Janice Dyess - hospital, Bill Williams - leukemia, Chris, Aaron & Katlyn - remove strongholds, Janice - health, Theressa - job,

Monty Smith - loss of sister, Tom Hooten family, Shirley Belcher - congestive heart failure, Oklahoma mission trip, evangelism trailer ministries, RJ - salvation, Stephanie Wells - preganant, Uncle Bob, Elizabeth - miscarriage, Jenette - recovery from kidney infection.

Thu. April 6

Praises: Kim & Earl Edleston are the proud grandparents to a brand new healthy baby girl! Baby & Mommy are both doing well.

from Cindi Secules: Please pray for my sister's coworker's husband. He was in a car accident last Friday. He has had two brain surgeries, but won't wake up. They haven't been married for very long. They are in their late 20's, early 30's & she just found out she is eight weeks pregnant. Their names are Neil & Melissa Martin.

Wed. April 5

Please be in prayer for Kim & Earl Edleston's daughter, Stephanie & soon to be born baby girl. She was sent to the hospital today after her OB appointment with what looks like the beginning of pre-eclampsia & the baby is breach so she will have to have C-section. Her baby girl is due April 22nd. Prayers for safe travel, an uncomplicated delivery & safety for both mother to be & baby girl.

Be in prayer for Valeria McGee, David & Mayra McGee's 5 y/o daughter. Her parents took her to the hospital this morning with abdominal pains.

Ms. Jessie Locke is on her way home from the hospital.

Please be in prayer for Billie Ebert. She is in Trinity Mother Frances with possibly heart issues being caused by meds. Update: Bille has been released from the hospital.

Tue. April 4

Please continue to lift Janice Dyess in prayer. She is not doing well & they still don't know what is wrong. Remember Ron in prayer too.

Prayers for Steve Beaver (Nelba Armstrong's son-in-law) & family. Steve's sister had a heart attack & passed away.

Please be in prayer for LouAnn Castleberry. She is in Trinity Mother Frances Tyler Dawson Bldg #378. No visitor please.

From Jerry Lucas: Services will be held today for Oliver Barnes at First Baptist Alba at 11 am.

Mon. April 3

UPDATE: R V Martin visitation will be Wednesday, April 5th, 6-8pm at Lowe Funeral Home in Quitman. Service will be Thursday, April 6th at 10 am at LFBC.

Ms. Jessie has been moved to a regular room at Trinity Mother Frances. Bro Perry & Dorinda saw her today & said she seems to be doing well. Continue the prayers for complete healing.

Mission team has arrived at their destination! Continue with prayers for them & the people they will meet.

Prayers for the R V Martin family & his wife, Sandy. R V passed away Sunday morning. I will post arrangements as soon as we know.

Be in prayer for Marlene Ingram. She fell while visiting her son & fractured her arm. Her son is driving her home & she will most likely have surgery this week.

Mission team landed in Miami just now. Pray for safe journey on the next leg of their flight.

Lift Shonda Pryor up in prayer for unspoken needs.

from Peggy McAdams: Please keep my sister, Patsy in your prayers. She has pneumonia & bronchitis.

Lift Anthony in prayer. He is going thru some rough personal problems & he asks that we pray for him to grow closer to the Lord.

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